Simple Sharon of the Knapsack

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Marriage is love.

On LJ I am perhaps most notoriously known as dawn_felagund's younger sister, but I am also a bisexual, vegetarian, straight edge, liberal editor/writer (don't we all love labels?). I've just moved to Newcastle, UK after living my whole life in Maryland, USA, and I'm married to a lovely Geordie lass named Kirsty.

Most of my LJ is devoted to my favourite issues, most notably equal rights for all people. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't realise how oppressed gay people are until I realised that I was one :-P, but now that I have, I am well and truly tuned into Civil Rights Mode.

I have my degree in English, and a lot of my time is spent doing various writing jobs that pay infrequently, including working for a LGBT entertainment website, writing for a female-friendly gamer site, and a cushy volunteer position as senior editor of a diversity-themed literary magazine. For that reason, most of my LJs are either about gay rights or writing.

I enjoy writing poetry, and I have a much-neglected Poem of the Day feature for friends only. My favourite authors are Henry James, TC Boyle, Sarah Waters, John Kennedy Toole, Anthony Burgess, John Howard Griffin, and *blushing* Dean Koontz. I also have a soft spot for British castles (especially circa 1200-1500), zoos, and sleeping. Especially sleeping. :)

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